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Without making a sound Art is Louder than the Lion; It is substance for the soul.

~Kate the Artist

I did not know what I was doing when I started painting Balance in 2017 and had not intended to create a Series. I just let go and went with the flow. It wasn’t until I started researching into the subconscious reasoning behind what I was painting that I could appreciate the power of symbols. I realized the Series can be utilized as a tool to help others.

I began to formulate a Mission

“A picture paints a thousand words in an instant, after all, and symbolism can represent many different concepts all at once, with the use of form and colour.”~Phillip Langdon

In exploring how images have an influence on the mind I learned that symbolism and color are packed with insightful lessons and truth, and can be utilized as a rich tool. The Master Work Series began unintentional and evolved into functional art that, like the intentions of puzzle pieces, connect and serve a united purpose; seeing the Self’s Sweet Secret through ones own transmutation, empowerment, and freedom.

The Magic of how the Master Works Work

Where much of the content in today’s world is based on persuading thinking, I realized that the Master Work Series has the opposite effect and initiates free thinking. The Series has been one of my greatest teachers and I want to share with others how exploring your mind is like exploring an advanced forgotten technology that you hold the keys to.

What’s the best way to share this? Sharing is the tricky thing because ultimately the results come from You and your experience from your unique personal perspective.

Its All About You!

For visual learners like myself, I find the Master Work Series to be a profound guide, especially in initiating questions for answers I did not realize I was seeking.
What is the language of the archetypes and symbols saying to you? Your subconscious knows, but have you ever asked?

“The fact is that archetypal images are so packed with meaning in themselves that people never think of asking what they really do mean . . . “~Carl Jung

Archetypal images are used throughout the Master Work Series because of their relationship with the collective unconscious. They can help the viewer ignite a spark to know oneself and in turn get to know humanity though the journey.

The collective unconscious is defined by the American Psychological Association as, “the part of the unconscious that, according to Carl Jung, is common to all humankind and contains the inherited accumulation of primitive human experiences in the form of ideas and images called archetypes and manifested in myths as well as other cultural phenomena (e.i., religion) and in dreams. It is the deepest and least accessible part of the unconscious mind.”1


However, the collective unconscious is not the least accessible part of the mind and may not be the deepest.

I learned that the subconscious speaks an exotic language that often uses metaphors with symbols and color to communicate. It’s tailored to our individual experience but also provides a connection to the collective, and holds many keys to individual and universal potential.

Master Works One – Ten

Invest the Time to Explore Your Mind ~

There will be 22 paintings when the series is complete.


I’m in the Process of Creating;

  • A detailed book about the Series and its symbols in relation to physics, metaphysics, and the reality we create entitled: The Selfs Sweet Secret
  • Personal Prints
  • Mastery Of Me Academy : Transmutation, Empowerment, and Freedom
    • (video’s utilizing the magic of the Master Work Series to promote growth in Master Work of You, the greatest of all Master Works.)
  • Exhibitions of the Master Work Series in free spaces where anyone can visit!

* If You would like to help Support the Mission a donation may be made on any of these platforms




Thank You for Your Support

~Surround yourself with Substance Suitable for the Soul~

“To be conscious that we are perceiving or thinking is to be conscious of our own existence.”~Aristotle

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