“Creation is Your tool,

what will You do with it?”

~Kate the Artist

Interview with OTEL TALK

Eileen Bild is a talented videographer with a gift for sharing other’s stories and connecting us on a very human level. It is such an honor to be interviewed by her and be a part of her Ordinary to Extraordinary Life talk show series.

Honored to be a part of Susan Miller’s Intergenerational Impact projects~ Do You have a Story to Tell? check it out and get involved!

Check DAN out!

I learned about Villayat’s journey that lead to his creation of DAN (Disabled Artists Network). Through sharing awareness of PTSD in addition to the vastness of mental health and its connection and effects on physical health, Villayat’s work makes an impact and expresses what DAN is all about. He created an inspiring project that connects people through sharing their experience and art with others, which unites us in a powerfully human way by provoking compassion, healing, and strength. Because of this I’m grateful to participate in the DAN V3 exhibition. It provides a platform that utilizes the potential of creativity as a means of coping with adversity in life, especially when it comes to mental and physical challenges, which resonates so much with my work! I highly recommended contributing to and sharing this project! The application process is easy and the communication is great! The gallery space is also wonderful and digitally capable of exhibiting a variety of art from artist all around the world!

Honored to be featured on the Inspirational News source INSPO DAILY,

Check INSPO DAILY out!

See the Master Works at Kate the Artist’s next Event!

A special thanks to fellow artist, SurrealisMac, and Adam, for helping me out at the “Careers in the Creative Economy Event! It was Fun!

Check Mac’s work out!

More Events Coming Soon!

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“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.”~Einstein

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